SOCKET RAIL(Square drive 9.5㎜・12.7㎜)

  • Made of Resin. Super light.
  • For installing socket of socket wrench.
  • Rings for hinging on the wall on both side of the edges.

 Made of Resin. Super light.

  • Made of Resin. Super light.
  • For storing Sockets of socket wrench.
  • Rings on both side of the rail to hung on wall.
  • R-4200・R4250 are able to install socket for Impact driver with O ring and Pin.
Item No. JAN code Price
Insertion dimension
Clips Weight(g) Inner Box(Unit)
R-3150 812506 1,100 9.5 5 units(Red) 20 10
R-3200 812513 1,300 7 units(Red) 25
R-4200 812520 1,400 12.7  7 units(Blue) 30  〃
R-4250 812537 1,600 9 units(Blue) 35
※JAN Codes are shown with 6 digital numbers which removed maker code (4975180).
※The price is for each unit.

Item No. R-3150 R-3200 R-4200 R-4250


  • For storing sockets of Socket Wrench.
  • Able to store Impact Socket as well.


  • Do not keep socket upside-down. Socket may fall down.