Universal Power Drill Socket Adapter

Universal Power Drill Socket Adapter

●Ball shape stopper for connecting socket wrench socket.

●Swinging Angle is 30°.

●EUA-4(12.7mm type)is press fitting hexagon shank. Strong residence to axis break.

●Hexagon shank is 6.35㎜. Quick attach to impact driver.

●100% made in Japan. Use  selected materials.

● Hexagon shank and square drive are able to take out.

Item No. JAN code Price(¥) Insertion dimension


Length L(㎜) Weight (g) Inner Box
EUA-3 222176 3,640 9.5 68.0 50 6丁
EUA-4 222183 4,780 12.7 85.5 110 6丁
Item No. Diameter D(mm) Length ℓ(mm) Swing Angle(° ) Package(mm) Material Torwue(N・m)
EUA-3 18.0 42.0 30 120×35 SCM435 47
EUA-4 23.0 59.0 30 137×35 SCM435 75


  • Able to use each brands’ socket with an impact driver.
  • Suitable for at close the wall and narrow space.


  • EUA-3 DO NOT be used for sockets with a side dimension of 13 mm or more.
  • Please use it  between guarantee torque safely.
  • An excessive load may damage the hexagonal shank.
  • Please use a power drill with a clutch or impact driver.
  • Do not use for purposes other than as hand tool.