Socket Adapter for Electric Drill

Socket Adapter for Electric Drill

●Easy to use, Strong, Lightweight. TOP’s original curved shape.

●ESA-3D(9.5mm)・ESA-4D(12.7mm)has press fitted hexagon shank. Tough axis.

●Adopt Ball for connecting socket safely.

●Hexagon shank is 6.5mm. Quick set to impact driver.

●Adopt selected materials. 100% made in Japan.

Item No. JAN code List Price(¥) Inserting Square(㎜) L(㎜) W(g) Inner Box(pcs)
ESA-2 221612 990 6.35 36.5 40 6
ESA-3D 221629 1,070 9.5 57 40 6
ESA-4D 221636 1,090 12.7 61 40 6
Item No. Body Diameter
Body Lengthℓ(mm) Package(mm) Material Torque(N・m)
ESA-2 8 9.5 89×35 SCM435 47
ESA-3D 16 30 109×35 SCM435 75
ESA-4D 16 34 112×35 SCM435 75
  • electric impact screw drivers

    electric impact screw driversIt can be used by ordinary electric impact screw drivers.

  • Inserted shank

    Inserted shankThe shank is heat treated and inserted into socket by force. It endures twist and breakage.

  • impact drill driver

    impact drill driverimpact drill driver which is more powerful than ordinary electric impact screw drivers.

  • shank



  • Set to Impact driver to use with each maker’s Socket.


  • Use safely within each torques ESA-2: 47N・m, ESA-3D・4D: 75N・m
  • Too heavy loads may damage hexagon shank.
  • Use electric drill with clutch/impact.
  • DO NOT use as any other purposes than as hand tool.