Stainless Ratchet Wrench

Stainless Ratchet Wrench

●Body, socket, claw and the other parts are all made of stainless.

●high corrosion resistance material (Stainless steels formed by plating layer.)

●resist 48 hours  Salt Spray test.

●forged body, socket and claw. high resistance.

●hand-brushed shining outlook.

●2 rings designed for safety code

●Liner shaped grip twister for tenon assembly.

Item No. JAN Code Price(¥) usage(㎜) height(㎜) weight(g) Inner box
SRM-17×19 384355 11,700 17・19 310 440 6 pcs
SRM-17×21 384379 11,700 17・21 310 445 6 pcs
Item No. Head dimension(㎜) Outer dimension(㎜) head thickness(㎜) Socket lengthℓ(㎜) Torque N・m Material
D smaller wider T smaller wider smaller wider
SRM-17×19 41.0 23.5 26.0 18.0 16.0 16.0 308.9 367.7 SUS420J2
SRM-17×21 41.0 23.5 28.5 18.0 16.0 16.0 308.9 426.6 SUS420J2
※JAN codes are shown with 6 digital numbers removed maker code(4975180).
※Price is for each unit

Item No.  SRM-17×19 SRM-17×21S-RM-17×19 S-RM-17×21

Stainless Ratchet WrenchDrawings

  • Made of Stainless Steel

    Made of Stainless SteelMore durable for heat or acid than ordinary wrench.

  • It can be used by hand operation.

    It can be used by hand operation.This item can be used for not only electric impact screw drivers but also hand tools.

  • 12 points (round corners)

    12 points (round corners)12 points (round corners) sockets are easier to insert nut. This surface fit design prevents damaging of bolts or nuts.


  • Suits to working for constructions.
  • Also suits to using for mechanical repairing such as for ships.
  • Able to use in the clean environment as it is rush resistant.


  • Please rinse the item with water after using. wipe up with dried cloth. put oils on motors to store it.
  • Stainless ratchet is not non‐magnetic material.
  •  Chose proper size which suits to the size of bolt/nut.
  •  Do not insert pipe to handle.
  •  Do not use as a hammer.
  • For fall prevention, use with safety code when you work at high place.
  • Do not use as any other purposes than as hand tool.