Short Trap Wrench

Short Trap Wrench(Vertical Aluminum Motor Wrench)

  • Made of aluminum alloy to not hurting the tightening part.
  • The jaw is a drop forged. It is stronger than comparable products. Adapting Backlash-less knurl reduces backlash.
  • Approximately 60% lighter than steel motor wrench (compared to our equivalent).
  • 15 ° vertical shape with a wide range of use.
  • The opening depth is 16 mm longer than our trap wrench.  Won’t damage the corner of the decorated  nut.

Item No. JAN code List Price(¥) Dimension(㎜) Length L(㎜) weight(g) Inner Box (pcs)
TMWS-1668 371157 5,650 16~68 205 220 6
Item No Head outside diameter(mm) Upper Jaw Depth(mm) Head thickness(mm) Handle thickness(mm) Torque


Cardboard(mm) Material
tip botttom H×W
TMWS-1668 110 60 10.0 17 12 165 250×120 Aluminum Alloy

※The guaranteed torque is indicated for the case in the opposite dimension 50 mm.  ※JAN Codes are shown by 6 digits numbers, which removed as maker code (4975180). ※The price is for each unit.  Item No. TMWS-1668

Short Trap WrenchDrawings


  • Optimal for removing, such as attaching trap tubes inside the sink.
  • For plumbing work that you do not want to damage plated pipe/decorated nut.
  • Can be used for large diameter nuts that do not require strong tightening.


  • Marks may remain on bolt after tightening.
  • Cannot be used equivalent to a monkey wrench.
  • Please adjust to the width across flats of bolt/nut.
  • Do not use it by inserting pipe to the handle.
  • Please do not use this item as a hammer.