Washstand Wrench

Washstand Wrench

  • Head is forged part. Excellent load resistance
  • Compact head with 180°swing.
  • 30°wide ratchet drive for repetitive work.
  • Handle with 3 stages expanding function
  • Able to turn quickly by cross-bar
  • Hexagon screw on the edge of handle. Able to connect tools


Item No. List Price(¥) Jaw opening(mm) Weight(g) Torque(N・m) Package(mm)


Inner Box JAN code
SMW-1032 9,600 10~32 600 100 360×130 6 290410
※JAN code is shown with 6 digital numbers remobed maker code (4975180).
※List price is for each unit.

Other Line up

SMW-1050S Washstand/Sink Wrench Set(Item No.:SMW-1050S)
Set of changeable heads.
 SMW-3050 Sink Wrench(Item No. :SMW-3050)
For piping work of sink/wash stand.
For mounting nut of single lever mixing faucet.

Washstand WrenchDrawings

  • PAT



  • For attaching/loosing nut of stop valve・water pipe.
  • For set up/removing washstand.


  • Be careful to not pinch your finger.
  • Do not pressure on corners of handle.
  • Please connect wrench to hexagon square to tighten strongly.
  • Do not turn obliquely to nut
  • cannnot turn pipes with this tool.
  • Do not use for other purposes than as hand tool.