Eco Folk

Eco Folk(Short Eco Wide)

●Tip is Extremely thin 2.5mm

●only 95g

●Compact head. no projection.

●Finger hook provide efficient work

●Grip color options are red, green and violet.

Item No. Price(¥) Grip Color Opening width(mm) Weight(g) Torque(N・m) Package size×Width Package JAN Code
HY-26STR 3,650 Red 7~26 95 54 170×70 6 150707
HY-26STG 3,650 Green 7~26 95 54 170×70 6 150714
HY-26STV 3,650 Violet 7~26 95 54 170×70 6 150721

※JAN code is shown without maker code (4975180).
※the price is for one item. Item No.  HY-26STG HY-26STR HY-26STV

Eco FolkDrawings

  • PAT


  • Light weight design

    Light weight designEfficient performance with reducing weight and fatigue.


  • For thin bolt/nut.
  • Able to use double wrench to adjust wheel pulp nut.


  • Do not use for tightening casters.
  • The tip may be broken by crushing.
  • Pursuing compactness. Open till the end.
  • Adjust jaw to the size of bolt/nut
  • Plastic grip is not insertion. do not use during charging electricity.