December 1939 The company was founded as Hokuetsu Machine Engineering Company,Ltd. In the city of Sanjo in parallel with establishing the association to lure factories.
November 1943 The company manufactured the closed die forgings of airplane parts as a manufacturing plant under the direct control of Nakajima Aircraft Company unitil the end of WWⅡ.
February 1944 The name was changed to Nakajima precision Forging Co, Ltd.
November 1945 The sale of for gings, primarilly tools, was started.
June 1951 The “monkey wrench(adjustable wrench)”received the permit to carry aJIS mark(the first adjustable wrench qualifled for JIS mark) among Japanese manufacture.
March 1962 The TOP association was restructured to expand and strength on the marketing system.
September 1963 The name was changed as TOP Kogyo Company, Ltd.
1964-70 The company was endorsed for its contribution to Japan's export by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
June 1966 The Tokyo Office was opened.
December 1966 The company was designated as a JIS mark certified plant and as an excellent quality control company by the Director General of Tokyo Trade aon Bureau.
November 1967 The Osaka Office was opened.
December 1967 The Minister's prize of Labour, Health and Welfare was awarded as to contribution to the field of unemployment Insurance.
June 1969 The Prime Minister's prize was awarded to Mr.Maruyama, President of TOP Kogyo for his contribution to Japan's export.
May 1970 The Nagoya Office was opened.
January 1975 The Sendai Office was opened.
June 1976 The Fukuoka Office was opened.
August 1977 The Sapporo Office was opened.
August 1981 The Forging and Metal Casting Plant was moved to the Tsukanome Idustrial Park.
July 1982 The entire factory was moved to the Tsukanome Industrial Park.
February 1987 A contract was singed with Klein Tools in Chicago as to the manufacturing technology of adjustable spanners.
June 1989 The Kanagawa Office was opened.
Octobar 1990 The Saitama Office was opened.
April 1996 A seven-storied building was constructed for the Tokyo Office.
June 1998 The Miki Office was opened.
June 1998 ISO9002 accreditation was acquired (from JQA).
September 2000 ISO9001 accreditation was acquired (from JQA).
February 2008 The Osaka Office was moved to new office due to expanded business.
Octobar 2008 The second warehouse building was completed in the precinct of the main office.