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Change not to change

Sustaining our customer satisfaction,
we shall not fear changes.

In 1939, our company was found for the purpose of expanding Sanjo professional skills. We started drop forging for the airplane 70 years ago. We have expanded many products by different skills of drop forging. These experiences have marged into today's recognition of professional hand tool "TOP" brand. We "create" good tools, "pleased" for helping society by these tools. Thus, we also help customers "creation", we support customer's "pleasure" by our tools. Brand statement "Pleasure of Creation" express our pride of making precise professional hand tools.

【写真】石井真人 代表取締役

We have maintained three responsibilities as manufacturer. The first responsibility is "our products must be useful for the users" in various kind of applications. The second responsibility is "we must keep improving with our customers" who support us around the world. The third responsibility is "keeping healthy environment for workers" for their welfare. As a president, I must maintain these responsibilities and continue to the next generation. Our surrounding is always changing. The expectations for the tools may change also. In order to satisfy our customers expectaion, we must keep improving and innovating. We shall not fear changes to improve. We appreciate your patronage and support.