Business Policy


Brand statement

We set "Joy of Making" as our brand statement in 2009. We put this statement with our brand logo. It has been used for advertising, packaging and.

These words, "pleasure" and "creation", are common senses for humanities. We would like to share these senses with societies.

For example, we are the manufacture of hand tools. "Creating" hand tools is our main purpose. After "creating" hand tools, these tools are used by our customers.
It is our "pleasure" that our products are used by customers.
For the customer, they also use hand tools to "create" something. They must feel "pleasure" after completion or finishing project. We "create" hand tools, and obtain "pleasure". We support customers "creativities". In addition, we want be close to our customers "pleasure".
We wish our brand statement "Joy of Making" can bring brighter future by sharing these positive thoughts in society.

Essensials of manufacturing.

3 essensials of Top Kogyo.

quality policy

Iso 9001: 2015 version certified

Customer Priority

We analyze customer needs and expectations. We set quality management systems in order to satisfy our customer needs.

Management philosophy

"Accumulation of trust", "Improvement of skills and qualities", "harmonious cooperation", these are our management philosophy. We keep these phrases to recognize our oringin as manufacture. We pursuit producing high quality products as a manufacture by these management philosophy.


We keep improving trustworthyness of "TOP brand" by these basics ; "production skills", "high qualities", "developing skills", and "customer servises".Certified on Oct. 2000.