Cutting Nipper

Cutting Nipper(Stainless Steel Mini Nipper)

  • Made of stainless Steel. Rust resist, Wear resist.
  • Handy size.
  • Soft grip.


Item No. JAN Code Price(¥) Cutting Ability(mm) Weight(g) Package(mm) H×W Inner Box Material
TP-100 882189 2,250 Φ0.16~1.2 (Copper・Soft wires) 40 180×65 6 pcs SUS420J2

※JAN code are shown with 6 digital numbers removed maker code (4975180).
※Price is for each unit.




Changeable spring.
※You may need tweezers/radio pliers for changing the spring.

Item Name Item No. JAN code Price(¥)
Spring Set(2 pcs) B-1 936455 550

Item No.  TP-100 B-1

Cutting NipperDrawings

  • Made of Stainless Steel

    Made of Stainless SteelMore durable for heat or acid than ordinary wrench.



  • Ideal for cutting copper/soft wires of electric parts.
  • For making jewelries. For Hobbies. For maintenance.



  • It’s designed for cutting copper/soft wire. NOT for cutting iron/hard wires.
  • Wear Eye protector to use this item.
  • Resin grip is not insulation.
  • Please DO NOT use as any other purposes than as hand tool.